Barbaba enyojed her vacay in beautiful Greece island Zakynthos, visiting gems that really prove that the Hellenic Republic is worth visiting. With her partner Blaz behind the lens, the couple keep us wanting to visit the island asap!
Follow Barbara & Blaz to Zakynthos and discover their favourite getaways, from what to eat, see and some interesting facts about this lovely Greek island.  

Tips about the island

There are many cliffs on the mainland with beautiful views, so it is best to explore the island with a rented car, as you can stop whenever you want to admire the beautiful views. I recommend taking a boat trip as they are very popular. The sea on the island is turquoise blue and has its own special charm.

There are a lot of olive groves on the island, it's really wonderful to see them everywhere. The island is quite small and in 5 days we could see all of our planned destinations.


Xigia beach

 What to eat

Food on the Greek islands is extremely tasty. One of the most popular dishes is gyros - it's similar to kebab in our country (Slovenia), but with added tzatziki sauce inside and fries. Extremely affordable and delicious. In addition to gyros, they are also known for fish and seafood dishes and moussaka. Often, feta cheese, which is top quality, can also be found on the plate and it just melts in your mouth.

We also recommend that you treat yourself to dinner at Keri Lighthouse, with stunning views of the Mizithres. The food there is really tasty.

 View of Mizithres from Keri Lighthouse


What to see

Blue Caves and Keri Caves, which we saw on a boat trip. There are caves in the rocks and tunnels where you can also swim, so snorkeling equipment is a must. The trip also included a stop on Marathonisi Island, where giant turtles hatch eggs. Interestingly, the locals greatly appreciate this island and the turtles. Towards the end of August, they have a holiday where they help the baby turtles make their way to the sea. If you are lucky, you can also swim with a turtle, as some can almost reach the shore. In addition to the mentioned island, turtles also nest on St. Nicolas Beach - where you can also see how the locals protect their eggs from possible attackers.



Next to the St. Nicolas Beach is Banana beach, which is known as the most beautiful sandy beach in the whole island. However, we were most enchanted by the Xigia Beach and Roxa Beach

Navagio Beach - definitely the most famous attraction on the island. It can only be directly reached by boat, or by bus/car if you want to admire it from a 300-meter cliff.

Flat rocks and Korakonisi - the locations are a little harder to find, but so worth it!

Barbara explored the island in our Ula set in Chili, which she describes as “extremely high quality and comfortable. Definitely a "must have" for summer and one my favorites".


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Photographer: Blaz | @blazdobravec

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