Anchie swim is made with luxe, Italian Lycra fabric, which is strong and durable, to last you for years of wear. Although our swimsuits are made to the highest of standards, some gentle care is still necessary to ensure they lasts as long as possible.

In order to preserve its quality and to properly care for your suits, we recommend to follow our fabric care instructions with extra love to ensure you get the best life out of your Anchie swimsuits.


  • After use turn the swimsuit inside out to prevent damage to the outside.
  • Immediately gently hand wash with cold water, using mild soap to get rid of salt water, sand, chlorine, or other chemicals it might have come in contact with.
  • Lay your swimsuit flat or hang to dry in the shade, which will prevent wrinkles.
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces, for example: rocks, pebbles, stone and concrete pool surfaces as this may cause pulling of the fabric.
  • Store in a dry, aired place, where air flows frequently (never in a plastic bag!) to avoid moisture building.

DON'T s:

  • Do not tumble dry, dry clean, iron or use bleach.
  • Do not leave rolled up wet.
  • Do not pack or store when wet.
  • Do not stretch or pull your swimwear with force.


  • Some sunscreen lotions and tanning oils may mark or damage swimwear. We recommend taking extra care when using these products and always ensure they are completely dry before they come in contact with your swimwear.
  • We recommend you rinse immediately after use.


ANCHIE Swim does not take any responsibility for garments that are ruined or damaged due to poor care in washing and handling. We also do not take back washed or worn items.

Enjoy your new swimwear, just as much as we enjoyed making it for you!