In a world of excess, Anchie was founded with a mission to create an ecological and ethical alternative to the swimwear market. With thoughtful consideration for quality in materials and construction, we believe in a slow fashion approach and investing in timeless pieces to be worn for many summers. Anchie is made for the conscious woman who favors quality over quantity, and invests in what she wears.

Each piece is designed with clean lines, minimalistic style, inspired by 80's and 90's high cuts, and a neutral color palette with non-toxic dyes to create timeless swimwear.

Our newest collection provides a range of silhouettes designed so you can mix and match tops and bottoms and play with colors and sizes. Each women’s style and body shape is different, providing you the freedom to choose the pieces and sizes that work best for you. To avoid over production and waste, the collection is produced throughout the season, therefore we only produce what we can sell.

Anchie is dedicated to summer lovers who seek that carefree holiday feeling, when we're the best versions of ourselves,  making sweet summer memories while we glow under the sun and stay on the beach until the sunset, then go for a midnight swim and dance under the moonlight and time just slips away. 

When you buy from Anchie you are supporting a small, young, sustainable, female owned business, that ensures your swimwear is the perfact staple that you can forever treasure.

If you have questions or want to learn more about our efforts as an ethical brand please email info@anchieswim.com

With love,